Terms & Conditions

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  • Registration Forms are required for pupils to attend classes
  • Parents and guardians must provide emergency contact numbers
  • There will be a £50 registration fee for all new pupils which will be refunded when half term’s notice is requested.
  • Parents are requested to collect their son/daughter on time. Teachers are not able to provide supervision or resposibility for any pupil outside lesson time.
  • Photos, brochures and local publicity for the Central School of Dance will be used from time to time. Please advise in writing if you wish your child to be excluded.
  • Dancers will be chosen for examinations and festivals at the discretion of their teacher.
  • Dancers are expected to wear the appropriate uniform for class and to have their hair neatly done. Bun for ballet please.
  • Pointe classes are for students who attend 2 or more ballet classes a week and have attained Grade 3 or above.
  • Please note that classes cancelled due to bad weather cannot be rescheduled.
  • Central School of Dance does not accept responsibility for lost or damaged items.
  • Half term’s notice is required if you wish to cancel any classes.
  • Fees are due at the beginning of term or by monthly standing order or direct debit at the start of each month.
  • By completing the registration form, it confirms your acceptance of terms and conditions.